Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

What Is the Best Music Player for the Household?

Few companies have beaten the proverbial milk jug and risen to the top of the mysterious streaming music industry, red carpet companies being Spotify, MOG, Pandora and My DubLi Entertainment take this cream pie. These companies have done it right, they have all studied in the school of hard knocks, have all excelled and each with their own unique flavor. One particular streamer stands out for me as the best music player on the market, enter the My DubLi Entertainment Player. I would like to now take the time to review this company and share with you a few facts about who they are, how they got there and what separates them from the rest.

The US based home entertainment company My DubLi, recently launched in partnership with all major and many independent record companies in one of the most high-profile tie-up’s to date between the music industry and ISP’s.

DubLi is synonymous with premium products and powerful hi-tech driven solutions. They are also known for pioneering work in launching and growing online shopping services where people are happy to pay for the service and products. They therefore had skills in the company that were relevant to launching a digital music streaming service.

DubLi Entertainment is part of the company’s broader move to multi-platform delivery, which includes the launch of streaming major block buster movies, e books, Games, 500 Internet radio stations and more. Furthermore the service will be available on all Smart phones, Android phones and other such devices. The way people use media is changing, mainstream audiences are now comfortable with enjoying content on different media – their TV, PC, Droid phones and now even their Tablet Devices.

The service offers music fans unlimited streaming of more than eighteen million tracks, (which is unheard of in the streaming world) they also have the opportunity to listen to famous speeches like Barrack Obama’s Victory speech, educational seminars such Albert Einstein on relativity it even has comedy shows like Eddie Murphy or Bill Cosby which is great for home based entertainment. Users have the option of signing up for one month or to pay an annual subscription to save on the hassle of making payments.

With the My DubLi music discovery tool people can explore certain music genres or read about their best artists in the autobiographies section, check out photos from the photo gallery or send songs from the player too friends for them to listen too they also have access to the song lyrics.

DubLi Entertainment believes the increased adoption of digital services will be driven by the quality of the user experience offered. DubLi shares a portion of its revenue as royalties with the record labels who in turn pay artists and other talent.

Today people enthuse about DubLi Entertainment as being the best music player available. They want it to be known as the world’s best music player and be associated to it. They want to generate a following into the hundreds of millions not because it’s now cool to pay for music online and support the artists but for all the fans of My DubLi Entertainment, quality and cost of the service is what this journey has always been about and that in essence is what My DubLi represents.

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